About Us

Tapikante is an authentic Mexican hot sauce, featuring the highest quality ingredients from Mexico. It is 100% natural and the ideal complement to your favorite foods and drinks. The name Tapikante is a combination of two Spanish words with a slangy twist: “Esta picante,” which means “It’s hot.”

Heritage is a big part of the Tapikante brand and so is Curicaueri, the character depicted on the sauce’s label. Curicaueri was the God of Fire and main deity of the ancient people of Michoacán, the place where my ancestors first created this sauce over 100 years ago, and Tapikante’s flavor captures his spirit by firing up taste buds.

As a passionate foodie, my mission is to delight palates and to provide quality flavor and natural heat in today’s hot sauce market. My pursuit for authenticity has inspired me to share my family’s delicious hot sauce with the world. Its recipe has been passed down for generations, and now you too can have a genuine Mexican legacy in your very own kitchen.

I’m proud to share flavors from the diverse gastronomy of the vibrant state of Michoacán, Mexico. I take pride in our hot sauce and hope you enjoy Tapikante as much as I enjoy offering it to you. Buen provecho!

- Janeth Diaz